Policy Unit Frequently Asked Questions

The ISASA Policy Unit receives frequent queries from member schools on matters ranging from the registration of independent schools to expulsions of learners and curriculum issues. In response to these queries, ISASA compiles and updates a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document.

The most recent FAQs (October 2017) covers, among others, the following issues:

  • Establishment of an independent school
  • Registration and accreditation of an independent school
  • Subsidisation of an independent school
  • Monitoring of an independent school
  • Registration of Educators with SACE
  • Vetting Employees
  • Child Protection Register and National Register for Child Offenders
  • Learner Admission
  • Learner Transport
  • Drug Testing and Search and Seizure
  • Learner Exclusion and Expulsion
  • The Parent Contract
  • Waivers and Indemnities
  • Curriculum Selection
  • Assessment, Progression and Promotion Requirements
  • Data Collection and Protection of Personal Information
  • Access to Information
  • Child Travel, Study Visas and Work Visas
ISASA Policy FAQs Oct 2017
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