Pearson South Africa


Pearson is the world’s leading learning company. Our education business combines 150 years of experience in publishing with the latest learning technology and online support. We help people learn whatever, wherever and however they choose.

Pearson South Africa combines the very best learning and teaching resources from our Maskew Miller Longman and Heinemann imprints. We create content in all eleven national languages for learners from pre-school to Grade 12. We are partners in service to the Department of Education, teachers, learners and parents.

We are proud of our South African roots, which can be traced back over 120 years through Maskew Miller Longman.

As part of Pearson, we are able to combine extensive local knowledge with global expertise, to offer solutions that are at the forefront of education in South Africa. Central to it all is our focus on excellent content that meets the needs of our customers and is aimed at improving learner outcomes.