Omega People Solutions

Omega People Solutions have been crafting Employee Wellness since 2005. Our services include:

  • Talent Acquisition (Recruitment and Psychometric Assessment) Permanent and Temporary Employment Services.
  • Adaptive Organisational Design geared towards the futuristic Education land scape.
  • People Relationship and Constructive Engagement Management (Employee Relations)
  • Remuneration Administration & Benefits Alignment (Payroll)
  • Employee Evolution (Employee Development) & People Inclusion (Diversity Management)

We are the leading service provider (12 Years) of choice in the Education Sector with regard to all employee-related matters, and have the largest data base of qualified, SACE registered Educators.

We partner to assist with coaching, mentoring, guiding, supporting, and advising on holistic aspects of employee wellness. Valued employees will provide quality services.

Omega embraces the total value of employees, their holistic well-being and aim to enhance the Employee Experience in the workplace through sustained, targeted, best practice & innovative Employee Wellness Solutions.

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