Navigating Subject Choices for Career Paths with EDUvelopment

With the 2024 academic year well underway, it’s a good time for schools to evaluate how much value-add they can offer since parents often challenge them on subject choices and foundational skills offered to prepare learners for their future careers.

The traditional path of one life, one career, and one employer has evolved into a more dynamic employment landscape, with individuals often changing career directions. Schools face challenges of aligning student subject choices with aptitudes, a crucial factor in career satisfaction.

EDUvelopment offers a comprehensive solution for schools, focusing on skills development, career guidance, and personalised assessments. Its online platform enhances counseling efficiency and reduces subjective decision-making in subject and career selection, offering interactive life skill lessons based on future skills identified by the World Economic Forum.

Benefits include aptitude-based subject selection for students, comprehensive career exploration tools, and life skills courses that complements pastoral care. Customizable to school needs and budgets,

EDUvelopment aims to be accessible, particularly supporting partnerships between privileged and disadvantaged schools.

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