MoneyTime: World-Class Financial Literacy Education


MoneyTime will be at the ISASA/SAHISA/SABISA 2023 Conference!

MoneyTime – world-class financial literacy education for YOUR Grade 5-7s, is the FUN way to teach your students.

  • Interactive online game where students learn by making their own financial decisions
  • Self-taught online lessons, NO Supervision for Teachers or Parents Required
  • Easy Tracking and Progress Reporting

MyLife is reaching out to all ISASA Leaders, offering you MoneyTime, an award-winning online Financial Literacy Program for children ages 10-14 years.

MoneyTime has been used by over 60,000 children in 750 schools internationally, and the online program has been localised for South Africa by MyLife.

MoneyTime incorporates 30 interactive gamified lessons and quizzes, and covers the full spectrum of financial literacy building blocks, from earning and budgeting to borrowing and investing.
MoneyTime fits elegantly into the CAPS EMS Curriculum for Grade 7s.

If you’d like to test MoneyTime, you can register your class RIGHT NOW and get your learners to do a couple of modules FREE OF CHARGE so you can see how easy it is. Or you can have a look around yourself without involving the learners. Either way it’s simple to set up and navigation around the program is highly intuitive.

MoneyTime is offered at a special rate of R250 per learner to all ISASA schools, which can be incorporated into your budget for 2024.

Visit us stand at Conference 2023!


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