Matific is an award-winning adaptive digital maths learning platform for primary schools that combines gamified activities, worksheets, workshops and assessments. The focus is on inquiry-based learning, problem-solving, critical thinking and increasing student engagement with thousands of interactive Maths activities.

Matific is a proud corporate associate of ISASA and is passionate about empowering teachers and providing every child with a mathematical experience of the highest quality. Trusted by teachers in over 60 countries, Matific is turning the learning of mathematics into an exciting, playful and intellectual journey. With thousands of interactive maths activities for grades R-7, powerful differentiation tools, placement tests to determine a student’s maths knowledge and real-time reporting to track progress to easily see the areas where intervention is needed – we hope to lighten your workload and save you time.

Matific offers an engaging platform grounded in a rigorous pedagogy and has been proven to increase students’ results by up to 34%. Matific’s core strength is its pedagogical principles developed by the Matific Academic Board which consists of world experts in mathematics, computer science, education and child development, including leading researchers from UC Berkeley, Harvard, Stanford and the Einstein Institute. The Matific Academic Board plays a crucial role in ensuring that the pedagogical excellence of Matific’s mathematics activities is in consonance with up-to-date research in education and child development. Matific will ensure that your students will learn but more importantly, they will UNDERSTAND maths!

Matific supports multiple teaching approaches and student learning styles making maths learning easier for both. The world-leading platform is fully integrated with the education system through Google Classroom and Microsoft. It works on all devices, including mobile phones, computers and tablets, connects to any browser and easily integrates with other technologies. It’s also zero-rated on South Africa’s mobile networks and locally available in both English and Afrikaans.

Here is a sneak peek at what your students can expect: Introduction to Matific

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