Marketing Schools During the Pandemic

The Independent School Management group in the USA recently ran a webinar on marketing during this pandemic.

Some key points from the webinar worth considering:

  • Is this the temporary new norm?
  • What will parents be saying about us after lockdown – did we do it well/badly/compassionately?
  • Relationships will be formed in all new ways.
  • We will be competing with home schools – how do we reinforce our value proposition? Are we flexible?How do we communicate our mission right now?
  • Messages should be around safety/life preserving – compassionate and empathy.
  • From a marketing viewpoint we should be focussing on audience expansion not hard sales.
  • Show some of our remote learning when we start.
  • Heads should send out weekly emails to their phases – keep in touch – showing care and warmth.

The full webinar can be viewed online.