LIV Lego Promotion

In support of Orphan Sunday (12 November 2023), LIV is raising funds for LIV Durban and LIV School through the sale of lego packs.

LIV Durban places vulnerable children into loving homes where they are cared for, educated at LIV School, and looked after holistically to be released as stars in order to make a positive impact in our country.

LIV School has been operational since 2011 and was registered as an Independent Institute with the KZN Department of Education. It is an Independent School and relies on donations for more than 90% of its funding. LIV School ranges from ECD to Matric for the children of LIV Durban and select community children.

Partner with us to turn an amazing donation of Lego into funds for LIV Durban and LIV School.

Download the Flyer for more information:

LIV Lego Promotion

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