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Reading is, without doubt, the most important linguistic skill that needs to be developed in young children and is recognized as the foundation of all learning. By developing a love for reading in young children, we give them one of the greatest gifts of life, namely, life-long learning.

LectorSA is a South African-based company that holds the global rights to distribution, marketing and production of Lector® reading solutions including Lab-on-line.  LectorSA has a proven track record since 1992 with research and development of effective reading solutions.

Lector® Solutions:

  • Equips students with effective reading skills and strategies to bypass limitations produced by traditional and conventional methods of reading
  • Is focused on individuals and groups. The built in interphase positions the LAB solution for mass consumer uptake
  • Is in line with international research
  • Is monitored on-line by Reading Specialists

The Lab-on-line Solution is CLOUD-hosted. Application in most on-line environments is possible. Users can log-on anytime, anywhere and continue with reading skills development on pc, laptop, tablet, and also iPad and iPhone. Lab-on-Line is verified to raise reading levels, increase cognition, advance IQ, as well as improve language skills and learning abilities for its users within 20 lessons.

Lab has successfully improved visual and reading skills and assisted more than 22 000 users, from Grade 1 to adults in management positions, to read faster, read better and remember more! Lab-on-line is cutting edge technology developed with practical use and scientific research and maximised to be used for a reading recovery and reading skills development program; with minimum input of resources to have maximum output of skills development.

LectorSA is your first choice for reading skills development!

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