LabXchange: A Free Science Education Platform from Harvard University

Join us for a Free webinar: LabXchange – Your Ally in Science!

Join our free immersive workshop and discover how this powerful platform connects learners, educators, and researchers worldwide. Gain valuable insights and practical strategies to leverage LabXchange’s extensive library of science resources, interactive content, and customisable pathways, transforming your teaching experience and fostering engaging and comprehensive science education.


  • Receive a guided tour of our extensive library of science resources perfect for your next lesson.
  • Discover our interactive content and simulations designed to engage learners in the practices of science.
  • Learn about our platform features, which allow you to customise content and pathways to meet the needs of your specific learners.

AUDIENCE: High school / Middle and Secondary Level Science & STEM Teachers; College & University Instructors; Department Chairs; Curriculum & Instruction Specialists.

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