Join International Comprehensive at the ISASA / SAHISA / SABISA 2023 Conference

Early and Primary Years Program (EPYP) for students aged 2 – 12.

Join International Comprehensive at the ISASA / SAHISA / SABISA 2023 Conference!

More than a program, International Comprehensive provides schools with a comprehensive framework, relevant professional learning opportunities and a simple accreditation process to shape a transformative learning culture.


The IC Early and Primary Years Program (EPYP) is specifically designed for students aged 2 to 12. The EPYP focuses on the whole child’s development academically, socially, emotionally, and physically. The program is designed to be inquiry-based, meaning that students are encouraged to ask questions, explore, and discover information on their own. The program also focuses on developing students’ competencies in thinking, communication, collaboration and self-awareness.

Our program offers a structure for Early Childhood and Elementary schools to promote and value student agency and interests, conceptual understanding, real-world challenges, inquiry, creative and critical thinking, trustful relationships, meaningful technology integration, cultural awareness, and social and environmental justice.

EPYP Students feel confident to pursue their aspirations, contribute to the lives of others, and participate in building a more peaceful, equitable and sustainable world.


The IC Program Standards and Practices document outlines the requirements and expectations for schools seeking to implement the IC program. These standards and practices are designed to ensure that all schools offering the IC program maintain high quality and consistency in its implementation. We understand that time is precious in schools and we are committed to making all our processes as simple and effective as possible. This is why IC schools only have three standards and twenty-four practices to refer to, all of which are simple, targeted and relevant.

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