ISASA Policy Bulletin June 2016

The ISASA Policy Bulletin provides members with an overview of recent policy developments that affect the independent school sector.

The Policy Bulletin for June 2016 covers, amongst others, legislation on the following:

  • Registration and Accreditation of independent schools
  • The National Curriculum Statement and National Senior Certificate
  • Employment of Persons with Disabilities
  • Draft e-Toll Regulations and Notices
  • National Road Traffic Regulations
  • Limitation of Fees and Interest Rate Regulations
  • Amendments to the Children’s Act
  • Cyber Crimes and Cybersecurity Draft Bill
  • Immigration Regulations
  • Umalusi Accreditation
  • Incremental Implementation of African Languages
  • Temporary Employment
  • Maternity Leave
  • Contracts and admissions to independent schools

For each piece of legislation, our policy team explains what is new and what the implications are for independent schools.

Policy Bulletin June 2016
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