iSAMS Helps to Mitigate School Cybersecurity Threats with Free Guide

Schools are a key target for cybercriminals as they handle a variety of sensitive data on a daily basis. Make sure that you know how to protect your school systems.

Recent research has discovered that over 80% of schools have experienced a cybersecurity incident. More schools than ever are integrating new technologies in the post-pandemic period, and school financial and personal data stores are a clear target for cybercriminals.

Protecting your school systems has never been more important.

iSAMS understands just how critical your software security is to the safety of your school. That’s why our MIS and other core systems are 100% cloud-based, and have been since we began in 2005.
To help you understand how best to protect your school community, we invited Keynote speaker Sarah-Armstrong Smith, Chief Security Advisor at Microsoft, to share her unique insights and tips for avoiding security threats.

You can find a link to this webinar, and a free guide containing key guidance for independent schools by clicking here.

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