International Conference on Thinking 2018

A visitorship report by Sonja Vandeleur and Michaela Carr, Roedean School (SA)

From 16th to 20th May, Sonja Vandeleur and Michaela Carr attended the International Conference on Thinking 2018 (ICOT) at the Florida International University, Miami.

ICOTs are conferences that foster collegial exchange and educational development around the topic of thinking. Michaela Carr was one of the Round Table presenters on her paper entitled “ A Thinking School’s Journey to Accreditation: a South African Teacher’s Perspective.” We attended many keynote presentations and lectures; we share three of these in detail:

  • Professor David Perkins, founding member of Project Zero at Harvard University. His presentation was titled “What does it mean to be smart?”
  • Tina Groetzer, also from Project Zero, Harvard University on “Thinking about Causality in a Complex World”
  • Veronica Boix Mansilla on “Signature Pedagogies in Global Education”

Download the visitorship report:

ICOT Conference 2018