Impaq offers an integrated education solution that equips schools with the products, services and tools needed to help both learners and teachers successfully complete the academic year. Our solutions are designed to reduce administration, enabling teachers to focus on what they are good at – teaching.

Our integrated offering provides teachers with:

  • Comprehensive teaching material:
  • Material required to facilitate the learning for each subject, including free e-versions of learner materials (where available).
  • Learner material:
  • Products required by the learner to successfully complete each subject, including study guides, prescribed works, learning aids and multimedia.
  • Standardised assessment elements:
  • Required assessment components to enable educators to continuously evaluate learners, including formal examinations from Grade 4.
  • Academic administration and support:
  • Access to our online portal to capture marks, generate reports and monitor progress, as well as access to a centralised team of education specialists, online subject support groups and examination board administration and facilitation support in the FET Phase.
  • One account:
  • Single school account to simplify administration, and a monthly rebate of 7% on all invoice payments on this account.
  • Value added services:
  • Supplementary services aimed at enhancing the educational experience include access to online tutor platforms, subject and career guidance, as well as practical support in Languages, Mathematics and Science.

Please email us or call 087 405 2233 for additional information.