Higher Order Thinking Workshop

Deepening Learning and Student Response by explicitly preparing students for the type of thinking we require.

  • Monday, 16 March at Somerset College from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm
  • R1100 per delegate.
  • Network Schools: Send 5 delegates and pay for only 4!

Click to hear from TSSA Trainer, Sally James!

As Deputy Head and Head of Academics at SACS Primary School – where she has led the SACS Drive Team through the process of becoming an Internationally Accredited Thinking School – Sally James has extensive practical experience of building thinking explicit thinking practices. You are in good hands.

You will learn how to prepare your students to know what you mean when you expect them to think at a higher and deeper level. They will know what to do when you ask them to analyse or evaluate, or any of the specific thinking words and questions that elicit different levels of Bloom Taxonomy. Now, instead of Higher Order Thinking being considered only when setting tests and exams, it can become a conscious vocabulary in the teaching and learning process in your classroom, empowering students to engage with and respond to the tasks you give them more effectively.

Download the Registration Document now.

For more information email training@thinkingschools.org.za