Get SACE Helps Teachers Manage Their Professional Development

Get SACE is a comprehensive administrative and e-learning service provider.

We specialise in the facilitation and administration of the Continuing Professional Teacher Development (CPTD) system from the South African Council for Educators (SACE). We provide schools and educators with the tools they need to manage their professional development effectively.

In addition to this, we assist schools with professional development. We can help create a professional development plan for your school, to ensure that your staff have access to the best opportunities. We offer a free online professional development platform for teachers to help them acquire their CPTD points.

We offer the following services:

  • SACE & CPTD Audit – this helps you understand your school’s SACE and CPTD compliance.
  • SACE & CPTD Workshop – this helps your teachers take ownership of their SACE registration and CPTD management by guiding them through the system.
  • CPTD Management – this takes the administrative load of earning and recording CPTD points off your school’s already-stretched staff.
  • Clearance Checks.

We work with many schools around South Africa. Should your school be interested in finding out more about our services, we will happily meet with you to discuss how we can help. If you would like to have a quick 10-minute consultation regarding our services, please let us know. Email Paige at or call 021 200 8877.