Embrace: Transforming Our Schools Through Social Justice

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Embrace Symposium 2019

Our journey continues today and presents itself with nuanced complexities. Social justice and the motivation to create inclusive, transformed and diverse schools, maps the landscape of our current context. There is a emergent sense of commitment to uphold the values of oneness through engaging in social contracts, that fosters a diverse and inclusive culture with equal opportunities for its students.

The one-day symposium titled: Embrace – Transforming our schools through social-justice is an annual gathering of like-minded people who promote transformation in schools. This year’s symposium is intended for Heads of Schools, student leaders and School Counsellors. This symposium aims to provide a platform for these significant role players to engage meaningfully by exploring various ways, in which they can promote social justice within their school communities and broader society.

Symposium Programme

Embrace Symposium Programme 2019