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Workshop on Effective School Marketing

School Marketing has become increasingly strategic, with the role of the school marketer now a critical component of a successful school. After the publication of A Guide to Effective School Marketing by ISASA, these workshops were designed to provide the opportunity to better understand the changing marketing environment and for schools to position themselves through applying the basic tenets explained in the book.

This full day workshop starts with a strategic discussion on the competitive landscape and moves into a session with practical instruction and teamwork covering three market research tools.

A local case study of a school is presented for delegates to work in teams and apply their learnings to come up with the best solution as school marketers in a limited timeframe. The workshop then culminates in a discussion on digital marketing and the three key digital items required for effective school marketing.

Please note that there are two versions of this workshop: the regional version with multiple schools attending and a more bespoke, single-school variant aimed at assisting a particular school to evaluate its marketing strategy.

Facilitator: Keryn House.

Regional Workshop Cost: R850 plus VAT.

Single-School workshop costs: Please contact Amy Barr-Sanders for details. Costs include: professional fee, cost of workshop materials, travel costs, etc.