Educator Registration

All educators working in South African schools, public and independent, in the GET or FET bands, must be registered with SACE (the South African Council of Educators). It is illegal for any teacher to work without SACE registration.

SACE has four processes of registration for individual educators:

  • Full registration for those with matric + 3 (NQF level 4) also known as RQV 13.
  • Provisional registration for educators that have academic qualifications but who have not as yet acquired a professional teaching qualification.
  • Conditional registration for scarce skills where schools are unable to find suitably qualified educators.
  • Pre-Accredited Member (PAM) status where educators submit insufficient information to enable SACE to register them appropriately.

The current practice is that only educators who qualify for full registration are issued with SACE certificates. Educators qualifying for other categories of registration are issued with letters from SACE acknowledging their status.

Specific registration conditions also exist for the following categories of employee: Aftercare assistants, Class assistants, School councillors, School psychologists and Coaches

Additional information on SACE registration is available in the ISASA Policy Frequently Asked Questions document, or on the SACE website.

ISASA Policy FAQs Oct 2017
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