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Educator Registration with SACE

All educators working in South African schools, public and independent, in the GET or FET bands, must be registered with SACE (the South African Council of Educators). It is illegal for any teacher to work without SACE registration.

SACE has the following categories of registration:

Full Registration Status Category: Professionally qualified educators with BEd OR first Degree / Diploma and PGCE only;

Provisional Registration Category: BEd and PGCE student teachers in all public and recognised Private Higher Education institutions;

Conditional Special Registration Category: Created to recognise the national priorities in schools and sectoral needs that are necessary in our schools (Performing Arts inclusive of Music, Visual Arts, Therapists and Psychologists, Areas in Focus Schools, Three Stream Model inclusive of Artisans, Schools of Skills, Technical High Schools, Waldorf and Montessori Schools, Christian / Jewish / Muslim Schools, TVET and CET).

Additional information on SACE registration is available on the SACE website.