Changes to ISASA Central Region Calendar Dates

Following ISASA’s initial memorandum regarding the National Disaster and the impending school closures on Wednesday, 18 March 2020, ISASA would like to address the issue of school calendar dates.

It is not possible to indicate with any certainty how long this National Disaster will remain in effect. This necessitates that our response during this uncertain time be flexible and based on the latest known facts. Definitive plans are impractical as the Coronavirus pandemic could either intensify or dissipate. It is therefore difficult to predict what will happen after the Easter weekend.

What we do know is that all schools must close until Tuesday, 14 April 2020. ISASA will inform members of any further information relating to the re-opening of schools, as this is received.

As a voluntary association, ISASA cannot dictate term dates to members. However, based on consultation with several members over the last two days, we can make recommendations regarding the Central Region calendar as outlined in the attached memorandum.

Please note that this memorandum is intended for member schools. Parents should please contact the relevant school directly to obtain updated information relating to calendars and term dates.

ISASA Calendar Changes