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Britannica Digital Learning: Ignite Curiosity

The Britannica bundle from Britannica Digital Learning is specifically designed to meet all the needs a school may have through access to our three most popular platforms: Britannica School, Britannica ImageQuest, and Britannica LaunchPacks.

Our passion is, and always has been to bring high quality, reliable and accessible learning resources to educators and learners and this is exactly what this amazing bundle offers you.

Britannica School is the perfect resource for providing curriculum-aligned textual information that is curated and checked by professional editors. It enhances research skills and ignites curiosity in your students. The breadth of resources available means that whether a school has a diverse catchment, mixed-ability classes or encourages project-based learning, Britannica can easily cater for different needs.

ImageQuest hosts 3.3 million images of the best and broadest curriculum-relevant imagery, giving educators the ability to use rights-cleared visual aids to engage learners.

LaunchPacks minimise teacher workload by collating resources around topics that correlate with teaching and learning objectives. Teachers have access to schemes of learning that cover the disciplinary core ideas outlined for Science and Humanities. Launchpacks allow teachers to create virtual classrooms where work can be set, monitored and assessed, encouraging a continuity of learning.

To better understand how Britannica’s resources will help to support your school in this new era of blended learning, register for a free trial and consultation. Our Partners at Trident Digital Enterprises would be happy to provide you with all the support you need.

Download the flyers below for more details on these platforms. For additional information or to register for the free trial, please contact Greg Fox, International Schools Team Leader.

Britannica ImageQuest
Britannica School
Britannica LaunchPacks