Independent Education Winter 2019

business instead of seeking employment from others. It is the ability to recognise or imagine opportunity, create something of value where nothing existed previously and to take calculated risks in order to create prosperity. In time, the centre will house a business incubator, but the focus will remain firmly in the social entrepreneurship space. This will see students using the skills of empathy, analysis and imagination to identify that which is useful or transformative in the lives of others. Therefore young entrepreneurs will not focus solely on market or profit, but importantly, they will focus their efforts on bringing about social upliftment. A model for transformative learning and diverse thinking Somerset College has taken a bold step which will propel the school firmly into the second half of the 21 st century. The ESTEAM approach and the innovation centre are about creativity, connection, design thinking, diversity and more. In short, the centre is a futuristic innovation space in all that this entails. As a concept and as a building, it will achieve much in terms of delivering on key values and competencies essential in order to thrive in a world of exponential change and uncertainty, but also seemingly limitless opportunity. ESTEAM is a model for transformative learning and diverse thinking, and the ESTEAM Centre offers the physical and metaphorical space to release these possibilities. Clare Searle is deputy head: Academics & innovation at Somerset College. Reference: 1. See: why-we-love-it