Independent Education Autumn 2020

Title: Nice Author: Various Publishers: KLAYM ISBN: 978-3-033-07388-3 Reviewed by Fiona de Villiers It’s good, it’s nice I’d like to introduce you to a spectacular new classroom resource entitled Nice . I t’s an A3-sized publication running to 230 pages, some of which are in glorious colour and some of which are in more reflective tones on textured paper. Nice is published by KLAYM, in Switzerland, and here’s how it describes the work it does: KLAYM is a non-profit, built on the idea to stimulate economic opportunities for young creatives from across Africa, notably photographers. Our aim to provide a framework, where aspiring creatives and artists, who are facing limited access to professional training, can improve their skills and experiences, develop projects, perform and exhibit. Each Nice magazine production is accompanied by a workshop series in photography, video production, graphic media design and creative writing, aiming to critically engage the participants’ creative visual practice, in a dialogue with local and global visual culture and socio-political realities. We believe that to understand the true scale of Africa, it is essential to pay attention to its emerging voices, many of which explore a previously unrecognised depth of lived experience in a place of rapid change. Independent Education • Autumn 20 74 reading and reviews