Independent Education Autumn 2018

Independent Education • Autumn 18 68 advertorial SquashLab: the app to help you lift your game SquashLab is a unique squash coaching and training app, designed for all levels of play for use globally. It is the first-ever squash app that includes progressive learning and coaching programmes that will take your game to the next level. It is widely used by individual squash players (students) and squash coaches (teachers) who wish to complement their coaching sessions. Malaysian-born superstar squash player and eight-time world champion, Nicol David (currently ranked world number six), 1 and her squash coach of 15 years, Liz Irving (who is a former world number 2 squash player), 2 teamed up to create this amazing app. They wanted to share their unique “squash coaching recipe” that assisted David to achieve and maintain her world champion status for over 10 years. World champions to help you with your game SquashLab caters for absolute beginners to the game, through to intermediate levels and advanced levels. As a student player or a squash coach (teacher), you are able to select which level of coaching you would like to access in the app. Each squash coaching programme is six weeks long. In each week of the programme, you are presented with a proposed weekly lesson schedule, as well as the LearnZone and the Progress Tracker. The app includes many easy-to-follow professional videos of Irving and David demonstrating the lessons and their techniques. At the end of each week, students are presented with the Progress Tracker, which will ask them how the week went, enabling them to write notes about their progress. Students can also download the drills and exercises to use as practice before the next lesson. All these resources can be used at the participants’ own time and pace. SquashLab offers a free seven-day trial, allowing students or coaches to test any level of the squash coaching programme. This ensures that the programme is what is expected, without any obligation. Globally available and endorsed by respected authorities For advanced squash players who wish to “troubleshoot” certain aspects of the game, the SquashLab app offers access to a free video portal that contains a number of professionally selected videos to help players with their game. The SquashLab app is available worldwide and has been endorsed by the Australian New South Wales Squash Federation, as well as by Nicol David herself. The SquashLab app is available on the iTunes and Google Play stores for US$0.99. The squash coaching programmes may be purchased as “in-app purchases” on either a monthly or yearly subscription fee, giving you the flexibility to access the content for as long as you want. You are able to stop the subscription at any time by going into your iTunes or Google Play settings. For any further information, please contact the founder and owner of SquashLab in South Africa at one of the following e-mail addresses: or . SquashLab is available at , on Facebook (SquashLab), Twitter (@Squash_Lab) and Instagram (squashlab). References: 1. See: world-champion-david-to-reach-u-s-open-last-8/ 2. See: