Board Evaluation Toolkit

Good governance is about effective leadership. A school’s board (or council, trust or governing body) is responsible for ensuring the growth and sustainability of the school. This toolkit aids this process.

In developing the toolkit, which is provided free to schools, ISASA and 21st Century recognised that most school board members are unpaid volunteers. We have tried to keep the focus on development and continuous improvement in order to preserve our schools for future generations, not to find fault with board members.

The toolkit can be used by a school board to evaluate itself, under the guidance of the Chair. Alternatively, 21st Century is able to manage the process for the board by sending out the questionnaires; receiving and analysing responses; holding interviews with board members; preparing a report with recommendations and providing feedback to the board.

Whilst there is a cost associated with these services, third party facilitation together with confidentiality generally make board members more open and candid in their responses.

Board Evaluation Questionnaire
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Board Evaluation Letter
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