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Become a Member of ISASA

ISASA is a voluntary association of independent (private) schools. ISASA membership is open to any independent school in Southern Africa that complies with the association’s quality requirements and agrees to abide by the ISASA Conditions for Membership.

The benefits of ISASA membership are broadly divided into four categories:

  • Supporting a community of colleagues
  • Simplifying a school’s life
  • Promoting schools’ interests and protecting their rights
  • Strengthening schools’ sustainability and saving them money

The association publishes a brochure titled Why Belong to ISASA? that examines these member benefits in greater detail.

To apply for membership, a school should complete the ISASA Membership Application Form and sign the ISASA Conditions for Membership.

Why Belong to ISASA?
ISASA Application Form
ISASA Application Form (ECD)
Conditions for Membership