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PwC is global firm with a network of firms in 156 countries with over 295,000 people who are committed to delivering quality in assurance, advisory and tax services. Our purpose is building trust across a wide range of areas that are important to stakeholders and delivering sustained outcomes in an environment where the risk of disruption is more intense than ever before.

Our expertise, experience and investment in the education sector across the globe has resulted in innovative and cutting edge digital solutions specifically designed for education’s unique needs and requirements. Key to these solutions include but not limited to:

  • Integrated Education management Solution (IEMS)
    • Designed and developed by PwC, our IEMS solution is an end-to-end solution designed and built specifically for the education sector
  • Curriculum Transformation
    • Our curriculum transformation offering was developed after studying more than 20 higher education systems. It reimagines the higher education experience, seeking to develop graduates and learners with the skills needed for the future of world of work.
  • Perform for Education
    • Perform for Education aims to embed new ways of working, enhancing team collaboration, support, and effectiveness for enhanced student outcomes.
  • Emerging technologies in education
    • Our EdTech teams are constantly looking at leveraging technology for teaching and learning and enhancing the student experience. We work with education institutions to explore these technologies safely and cost-effectively, allowing you to find suitable use cases, scale successful applications and keep your institution relevant and at the cutting edge of new developments.
  • Culture and Change
    • Research has evidenced that organisational culture is one of the most significant barriers to change. Our organisational change approach is designed to build cohesion, early adoption of new solutions and a catalyst to build a Employee Value Proposition.

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