The admission or departure of a child from the Republic of South Africa is dealt with in terms of item 6(12)(a) – (d) and study visa notifications are regulated in terms of item 12(1)(a) – (b) of the new Immigration Regulations.

ISASA published an initial memorandum on 8 July 2014 explaining the changes brought about by the new Immigration Regulations. The new requirements for minors travelling to or from the Republic of South Africa (Republic) took effect on 1 June 2015.

Two further memorandums have since been published on this issue. All these documents are available for download below:

Immigration Regulations Nov 2015 | Downloads: 27 | Login to download

November 2015 recommendations on immigration and child travel.

Immigration Regulations July 2015 | Downloads: 112 | Download this file

Update on child travel and immigration regulations. July 2015 version.

Immigration Regulations July 2014 | Downloads: 23 | Login to download

ISASA analysis of the new South African Immigration Regulations. July 2014 version.