• Dates: 22 May – 26 May 2017
  • Time: 08:00 – 16:00 each day
  • Cost: R1500 per day

OUR GUEST SPEAKER: Teresa Williams, International Thinking Schools Facilitator.

This is a series of five, one-day workshops that, if taken together, provide an introduction to both the concept of the ‘Thinking School,’ and the essential elements within it. Each of the workshops also stands alone.

A ‘Thinking School’ is one within which the further development of a student’s capacities as an independent, self-managing and reflective learner drive both teaching and pedagogy.

The full programme is as follows:

  • DAY 1: An Introduction to the Concept of the Thinking School
  • DAY 2: The Teacher as Facilitator of Curiosity, Questioning and Enquiry
  • DAY 3: Developing Intelligent Learning Behaviours
  • DAY 4: Student-Centred Thinking Tools
  • Day 5: Leading and Managing a Thinking School

Download the Event Flyer and Booking Form:

Thinking Week Leaflet
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Thinking Week Booking Form
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