Japari School is hosting a Sensory Savvy Classrooms Workshop, presented by Sensory Intelligence. The workshop takes place on 26 July 2018 from 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm.

Workshop content:

  • The senses, the brain and learning environments
  • Sensory stimulation in the classroom:
  • See and hear – how the brain takes this information for information learning
  • Touch, smell and taste – how the brain takes this information for social learning
  • Movement – how the brain takes this information for self-regulation
  • Sensory input and how to calm, organize and alert the brain in the classroom
  • Sensory overload and sensory distractions – where and when is it too much
  • A sensory audit for the classroom – a checklist to determine the level of overload
  • Practical tips and tools for classroom adaptations
  • Seating for success – how to seat children for best learning
  • Quiet spaces for the classroom – how and why they are important

Download the Event Flyer for more information:

Sensory Savvy Workshop Japari
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