The 30th National Southern African Bursars of Independent Schools Association (SABISA) Conference took place from 26 – 29 October 2016 in Port Elizabeth. The Conference theme was Winds of Change.

Professor Matthew Lester’s presentation on sustainability of independent schools is available on Youtube.

The following conference presentations are available for download:

Trends Shaping Education | Downloads: 29 | Login to download

Trends Shaping Education: 2016 and Beyond. A presentation by Lebogang Montjane.

Remuneration Strategy for Schools | Downloads: 49 | Login to download

Remuneration Strategy for Schools. A presentation by Maura Jarvis.

Inequality: A Scientific Study | Downloads: 21 | Login to download

Inequality: A famous scientific study referenced in TEDtalks.

Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value | Downloads: 27 | Login to download

Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value. A presentation by Judith Griessel.

Employment Equity Pitfalls | Downloads: 28 | Login to download

Employment Equity Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them. A presentation by Jonathan Goldberg.

A Simpleton's Guide to Negligence | Downloads: 35 | Login to download

A Simpleton's Guide to (Legal) Negligence. A presentation by Brett South.

Tax Issues in Independent Schools | Downloads: 23 | Login to download

Tax Issues in Independent Schools. A presentation by Kim Martin.