Saturday 15th October

9 am – 1 pm (Registration from 8.30am)

Roedean School, Princess of Wales Terrace, Parktown

How to activate Habits of Mind in your regular teaching curriculum

Facilitated by TSSA Trainers Sonja Vandeleur (high school) and Ingrid Beekhuizen (primary school) with the team of teachers from Roedean School and Kingsmead College sharing how they develop strategies in the classroom.

We all acknowledge that our goal as teachers is to help our students develop the dispositions for success. If they can learn how to be persistent, when and how to think flexibly, how to work interdependently and manage their impulsivity, we know that they will perform better at school and in life. Art Costa (Habits of Mind), referred to these and other Habits of Mind as “knowing what to do when you don’t know what to do”.

Whilst it is easy to recognise the worth of these Habits, many teachers and schools find it challenging to activate them in classroom teaching. Without specific strategies, learners don’t actively improve their Habits of Mind. In addition, attempts to teach habits as an ‘add-on’ are more difficult to sustain than when they become part of teaching and learning the curriculum.

This workshop will bring about an invaluable shift from being able to identify the Habits of Mind to developing them. You will come away with:

  • Greater confidence in the practical application of Habits of Mind
  • Specific strategies you can use to deepen particular Habits in your classroom
  • A knowledge of the five Dimensions of Growth so that students will develop, improve and extend their use of the Habits.

This workshop is for heads and teachers from foundation phase to matric, who wish to more meaningfully develop behaviors that help teachers and students deal with challenges and problems in the classroom and in everyday life.

Cost: R950 including tea/coffee.

Download the Registration Form. For any registration queries please email TSSA or call 081 075 4254