Most bus drivers and operators work endlessly and go to great lengths to provide a safe and reliable transport service to their community. Many accidents are caused by factors that are outside of the control of the driver or bus owner such as poor road conditions including potholes and gravel roads, adverse weather conditions, stray animals, jaywalking pedestrians and of course, other negligent road-users.

However, mistakes and accidents do happen, often with devastating consequences. As a school providing transport for children, it is essential to carefully assess the potential risks to mitigate and manage the potential consequences that could arise from a road accident.

Aon South Africa has provided an interesting article on bus accidents and the do’s and don’ts to consider when claiming from the Road Accident Fund. The article is available below for download.

Aon South Africa has been protecting schools and scholars for more than 50 years. Contact Clare Gelderblom for more information.

Aon Managing School Bus Accidents
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