Protect your kids from porn, violence, cyber-bullying, drugs, online predators. KidTech is a safe cellphone for your kids.

  • Content filtering ensures inappropriate websites can’t be accessed
  • WhatsApp and Facebook messages are monitored for select keywords and parents are alerted (through a companion app on their phone)
  • Parents can monitor all photos on the kid’s cellphone remotely
  • Parents can control when kids can use their phones, using a companion app on the parent’s phone
  • Parents can find their kids, using the GPS on the KidTech cellphone, and be alerted when they leave predefined areas (like their home or school)
  • Kids are on the perfect cellphone contract for their needs, with free WhatsApp, 1 GB of data, and more
  • Kids cannot go “out of bundle” and spend more than allowed. Parents can top-up contracts with airtime or data if required.
  • Parents can control which apps can be used