There are no universal term dates or calendars that apply to all independent schools in South Africa. Many independent schools follow the public school calendar, while others follow an association calendar. Some independent schools follow their own specific calendars.

The calendar committee of the ISASA Central Region (Gauteng, Free State, North West and Northern Cape) publishes a Central Region Calendar as a guideline for member schools in the region. ISASA member schools in Central Region are not required to follow this calendar, although most do.

ISASA also compiles a Term and Event Calendar that tries, as far a possible, to combine the various term dates of ISASA member schools as well as important ISASA events for that year. This document is intended primarily for internal use by member schools.

Calendar documents are available for download below:

Central Region Calendar 2020
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Central Region Calendar 2019
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Public Schools Calendar 2019
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ISASA Term and Event Calendar 2018
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Central Region Calendar 2018
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Public Schools Calendar 2018
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