The ISASA Policy Bulletin provides members with an overview of recent policy developments that affect key aspects of independent schooling life.

The Policy Bulletin for May 2014 covers the following legislation:

  • Children’s Amendment Bill
  • Removal of Adverse Consumer Information
  • Protection of Personal Information Act
  • Change of date for categorising schools eligible for a subsidy
  • Roll-out of the HPV Vaccine Programme
  • Incremental Introduction of African Languages
  • Policy Framework for Universal Access to Grade R
  • Curriculum for Children from Birth to Four Years of Age
  • National Health Amendment Act
  • Unemployment Insurance Amendment Bill
  • Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences
  • Labour Relations Amendment Bill
  • Exemption from payment of tolls
  • Dangerous Weapons Bill
  • Construction Regulations
  • Employment Equity Amendment Act and Draft Employment Equity Regulations
  • Draft Immigration Regulations
  • Call for Nominations for the Fourth Umalusi Council
  • Norms and Standards for Public School Infrastructure
  • Human Rights Commission Amendment Bill
  • Policy Framework on Non-Profit Organisations

For each piece of legislation, our policy team explains what is new and what the implications are for schools.

ISASA Policy Bulletin May 2014
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