The ISASA Employee Relations (Human Resources) Manual has been extensively updated and revised during the course of 2014 and is now available to member schools.

As stated in the first chapter of the Manual, employers can no longer be only concerned with labour laws and their application in the workplace. There is a plethora of other laws (statutory or common law) that must also be taken into consideration and which may impact on the employment environment to a greater or lesser degree. The law also changes constantly and ISASA advises all schools to ensure that their employment policies and practices are as current as possible.

The new Manual provides guidelines on a wide range of issues relating to human resources and employment best practice, including employment contracts, performance related issues, termination of employment, retirement, and disciplinary matters. The Manual also now includes sections on new law such as Protection of Information, Equity in Employment, and Diversity.

The Manual is available as a zip archive of all documents (40 in total) that can be downloaded and extracted on a local computer. Individual sections of the Manual (e.g. employment contracts) have also been linked as downloads to relevant resource topics on this website.

ISASA member schools are not required to make use of the policy documents in the Manual: they are provided by way of example. As Pro Forma (standardised draft) policy documents, these guidelines and contracts should also be appropriately and properly customised by the user to suit their requirements.

ISASA Employee Relations Manual
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