This memorandum of incorporation was adopted by Special Resolution passed on 6 February 2013 in substitution of the existing memorandum of association and articles of association of the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (NPC).


ISASA subscribes to the vision of a Southern Africa in which:

  • quality education is provided to all Southern African learners;
  • the value of independent education in contributing to this goal is recognised; and
  • a value-based, public-spirited community of diverse, high quality, independent schools is developed.


The mission of ISASA is:

  • to articulate the value of independent education;
  • to build a value-based, public spirited community of diverse independent schools;
  • to represent, promote and protect the common interests of its members; and
  • to provide professional services to members that will enhance their quality and facilitate their contribution to the development of education in Southern Africa.

Download the full memorandum of incorporation:

ISASA Constitution and MoI
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