ISASA charges annual subscriptions on a per learner basis, and according to a six-category sliding scale that caters for schools from all socio-economic circumstances. Each school is assigned to one of the six categories when it joins the association as an Active Member. The subscriptions model also allows for a marginal costing basis for schools with more than 2 000 learners.

Two further categories – Introductory Status and Observer Status – are available for schools that do not yet meet all the requirements for Active membership, but are working towards this goal. Introductory and Observer Status schools pay a fixed subscription rate per annum.

As part of ISASA’s quality assurance process, each member school must undergo an evaluation every six years. The evaluation is undertaken by the Independent Quality Assurance Agency (IQAA). Member schools also pay an annual levy towards the cost of this evaluation.

Download the ISASA Annual Subscription Rates for 2018:

ISASA Member Subscription Rates 2018
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