Impak’s vision is to contribute significantly to the development of our youth in South Africa by providing innovative and accessible basic education solutions. More than 10 000 learners and 300 schools and tutors use our products. We strive for academic excellence through quality education solutions

Impak’s offering to schools include:

  • Leading-edge CAPS aligned curriculum for Grade R – 12, promoting individualised learning in the classroom.
  • Impak offers curriculum in over 170 subjects in both English and Afrikaans from Grade R to Grade 12, and provides learners with all the tools they require to successfully complete their academic year.
  • Comprehensive facilitation material and support to teachers, including guidance for each lesson.
  • Impak’s facilitation material is designed to provide comprehensive support to teachers. It includes lesson planning, facilitation guidelines, as well as planning of all formal assessment elements.
  • Standardised assessment elements per grade, leading to a National Senior Certificate in Grade 12.
  • Impak provides all the summative and formative assessment elements per subject. Our assessment elements are developed annually by a team of subject matter experts and are fully aligned with CAPS require¬ments.
  • Simplified academic administration solutions 
  • Impak’s support to your school allows for more effective and efficient administration, leading to increased efficiency, improved resource allocation and a stronger focus on learning.

Schools can also purchase Impak’s study guides, facilitation material and assessment elements separately.