We all know that a Growth Mindset underpins more empowering teaching and learning, but how do you take the next step? This workshop is one of the ways that we can help your activate more intelligent behaviours in your classroom and school, using de Bono Hats as a simple yet powerful tool to:

  • Teach how to Think More Flexibly in Problem-Solving: developing the capacity to skilfully employ different perspectives.
  • Develop more effective Independent and Interdependent/Collaborative Learning: using a parallel thinking process that is more productive , focused and mindfully involved.
  • Embed Practical Methods of Processing Feedback and Self-Reflection: that helps learners set increasingly difficult goals that develop their thinking skills.


  • TSSA Master Trainer Craig Carolan. Craig has worked closely with Edward de Bono in the UK as a global expert and is now the Headmaster of Stanford Lake College and a TSSA Trainer. His in-depth knowledge and engaging delivery is grounded in extensive practical teaching experience.

Venues and Dates:

  • Cape Town: 27 July 2018, SACS Junior School
  • Durban: 24 August 2018, Livingstone Primary School
  • Johannesburg: 14 September 2018, Grayston Preparatory School

Additional Information:

  • Time: 9.a.m Registration – 3.pm Close
  • Cost: R1050 per delegate
  • SACE Registered: 10 CPD points

For more information please email admin@thinkingschools.org.za. Download the Registration Form:

Thinking Hats Workshop Registration
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