The Curriculum Training Programme partnership between ISASA, SAHISA and the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) will continue in 2017, with the IEB offering several high-quality curriculum and assessment workshops to all member schools. This training is done by IEB ASSET (Assessment Education and Training) Pty. Ltd., IEB’s training wing.

Two newly-developed workshops will be delivered in 2017 as detailed below:

  • Reading for Learning: Today’s learners need the ability to read critically more than at any other time in our history. Reading is an essential academic skill which needs to be intentionally taught and assessed across all learning areas. This one-day workshop develops a greater understanding of reading for learning and suggests various practical, cross-curricular strategies for implementing this in the classroom.
  • Unlocking the Research Process: Conducting research is an essential 21st century skill that cannot be assessed through tests and examinations. This workshop is offered separately to Foundation Phase teachers and Intersen teachers.

All IEB and ISASA workshops are recognised by SACE and those who attend these can claim CPTD points. A SACE register is circulated at all workshops for delegates to sign and the IEB or ISASA will submit this register to SACE on your behalf.

Download the CTP Information Document and the Registration Form:

Curriculum Training Workshops 2017
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Curriculum Training 2017 Registration
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