Admissions and Exclusions


Study Permits for Foreign Students

The Department of Home Affairs issues permits for foreign nationals to study in South Africa. Study permits are issued for two main types of immigrants: Stand-alone immigrants who wish to continue their stu...

Policy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

ISASA receives frequent legal and policy queries from its member schools on matters ranging from the registration of independent schools to expulsions of learners and curriculum issues. In response to these que...

Withholding School Reports

Traditionally, many South African schools withheld report cards as a means of obtaining overdue school fees. However, legislation has recently changed in respect of withholding report cards. In terms of Sect...

Refusal of Admission

It is important to distinguish between fair and unfair discrimination in school admission policies. The South African Constitution prohibits unfair discrimination. Clause 29(3) of the Constitution states that e...