The Association


Why Choose an ISASA School?

ISASA’s brand is a hallmark of high standards of educational and ethical practice. Quality, Values, Diversity characterise its membership. Not all schools can become members of ISASA because its conditions for ...

ISASA Constitution and Memorandum of Incorporation

This memorandum of incorporation was adopted by Special Resolution passed on 6 February 2013 in substitution of the existing memorandum of association and articles of association of the Independent Schools Asso...

Pension Scheme and Provident Fund

ISASA provides both a Pension Scheme and Provident Fund to its member schools. These funds are voluntary and schools can elect to join either fund, or retain their own retirement savings fund. The ISASA Funds a...

ISASA Positions Vacant Service

Please note the following important information regarding the Positions Vacant service on the ISASA website: ISASA does not employ school staff; we advertise vacancies on behalf of our member schools. Onl...