Abuse No More Protocol of the Western Cape Education Department

Dealing Effectively with Child Abuse, Deliberate Neglect and Sexual Offences against Children

Child abuse, deliberate neglect and sexual offences against children are serious challenges that currently exist in communities and educational institutions throughout South Africa. Because of their high prevalence this protocol has been developed to help institutions, employees and learners deal with the problem in the most efficient and effective way.

The Abuse No More document was originally developed in 1999 by the WCED in cooperation with other departments and non-governmental organisations. The document was officially launched in 2001 by the then Education MEC, now Premier, Helen Zille.

Since then various developments relating to the care and protection of children culminated in the updating of existing and promulgation of new legislation. For this reason the child abuse protocol document needed to be amended to be in alignment with the relevant legislation and policy documents.

The most recent version of the document is now available for download.

Abuse No More Protocol
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